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Hair Loss Prevention Care

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Hair growth disorders and hair loss

Hair growth disorders are generally caused by a functional disorder or malfunction of the scalp.

Functional disorders affecting the hair follicles may have a number of causes in which the hair growth phase shortens or hair quality diminishes.

  • Androgentetic hair loss which is hereditary or effected by male hormones
  • patchy hair loss-autoimmune disorder of the hair roots
  • Temporary hair loss or diffuse hair loss, distributed over the whole scalp can be caused by general or chronic illness, functional disorders, e.g thyroid gland.
  • Deficiencies- e.g iron, vitamins, poor nutrition, radical diet, medication
  • Psychological or physical stress

Diminished hair quality and hair loss may be treated successfully using our method regenerante range.

  • Bio fanelan shampoo-Active shampoo for hair loss and hair growth problems
  • Bio-fanelan regenerant plus-Ampoule treatment for hair loss with an anti-aging effect
  • Ergines plus vital-Ampoule treatment for tired hair with trace element, mineral and vitamin deficiencies
  • Visarome dynamique R-A dynamic aromatherapy complex to boost hair growth
  • Fanelan synergie-Nutritional supplement with four-fold active complex to combat hair loss

Unfortunately alopecia caused by damage to the skin through injury, burns, infection and inflammation where the hair follicles have been destroyed is irreversible.