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Oily, Dry and Sensitive Scalp Treatments

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Oily and Moist Scalp

oily-moist-scalp-treatmentFor those of you who feel the need to wash your hair every day and suffer from an oily scalp this may be caused by the oversecretion of the sebaceous gland. Our method normalisante range works by soothing and regulating the sebaceous gland whilst normalizing the scalp environment and helping reconstruct damaged hair preventing the hair becoming greasy again too quickly.

  • Shampoo liprokerine A
  • Lotion ergines A
  • Visarome dynamique N

If you exercise frequently, tend to get quite hot, sweat excessively and your hair becomes quite straggly quickly then you may need our hydrotoxa range which helps reduce sweating from the scalp pores, neutralizes the aggressive components in the sweat secretions leaving the hair fresher and holding the hairstyle longer. Almost acts like a scalp deodorant.

  • Shampooing hydrotoxa
  • Lotion hydrotoxa

Sensitive Scalp

Do you experience a feeling of tightness to the scalp or is your scalp itchy, do you find it red, have flaking skin or inflamed areas of the scalp? This may be caused by sensitivities.

sensitive scalp treatmentThere are so many factors and causes for a sensitive scalp, and in most cases the barrier function of the skin is impaired therefor allowing scalp irritants to penetrate more easily. Our Methode Sensitive range contains active ingredients, which reduce the scalps susceptibility to irritation at the same time intensively soothing redness and irritation. The calming and soothing property help relax the scalp and relieves tension.

Method Sensitive Range:

  • Shampoo Lipokerine E – Structurising shampoo for sensitive scalps
  • Lotion Ergines E – Intensively soothing scalp lotion
  • Lotion Stopil P – Hydrolotion to maintain a balanced scalp environment and strengthen hair growth
  • Visarome Dynamique E – Relaxing aromatherapy complex for tight, itchy scalps

Dry Scalp

Are you suffering from a dry scalp with a tendency to loose flaky dandruff or static in the hair? Is your hair dry and brittle or do you have a tight or irritated scalp that is reddened in places. Our Methode vitalisante range normalizes the scalp environment and improves scalp functioning, relives tightness and irritation. Stimulates the scalp and promotes natural secretion of the sebaceous gland, smoothing the hair and promoting silkiness and shine.

Our Methode Vitalisante Range:

  • Shampooing Lipokerine B – Structurising shampoo for dry scalps and hair
  • Lotion Ergines B – Scalp lotion for dry scalps
  • Genesicap Plus – Scalp oil for improving scalp functioning, alieviating sensations of tightness and helping regenerate the scalp
  • Visarome Dynamique B – Circulation-boosting, dynamic aromatherapy complex for dry scalps
  • Visarome Dynamique EN – This is a Salon treatment which is refreshing and invigorating care for the scalp.